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Installing mulch into your gardens is very important for a variety of reasons. Mulch is a very useful product that will enhance the life of your plants by acting as a protectant from many things. Mulch can prevent soil erosion, while also conserving moisture, and aiding in root aeration. All of these things are essential to maintaining the healthiest plants possible. Mulch also provides a nice look to your landscape that is cleaner and more natural looking. In addition, mulch will also protect your plants from being overcome with weed growth and protects them from other harmful elements.

There are almost an endless amount of reasons why you should use mulch, it is a 5 star tool for keeping your plants healthy. Mulch keeps the proper nourishment and moisture directed towards your plants and away from weeds and unwanted seedlings. Mulch will also serve as a protective blanket to protect the roots of your plants from frost and other harmful weather elements.

There is not just one type of mulch, or even a couple types of mulch. There is such a wide array of mulch and it is important to work with someone who knows which mulch will most greatly benefit the types of plants you have. We offer an array of mulches that are best for the types of plants common here in Kentucky. We will ensure that we recommend a mulch that will properly protect your plants from the different weather patterns that we experience here. So whether you are putting in a completely new landscape or just want to give new life to your current one, we will provide you with the best mulch installation to ensure that your plants are always at their healthiest.

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