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Core aeration is something that is essential to the health and longevity of your turf, yet not a lot of people think about it or know what it is. Core aeration is when we pull plugs out of your soil. This does many things such as loosens any compacted soil which will allow water and air to more easily reach the roots of your turf. This increases its ability to absorb water and nutrients, resulting in the increased health of your lawn while also causing little stress to your roots.

There are certain times when aerating is the most effective, so we generally recommend to do it at this time. Core aeration is most effective when plants are the most active and when the soil is moist enough to allow for deep penetration. This is generally in the spring and fall, when temperatures are a bit lower and cooler. This not only allows us for deep core penetration, but it also avoids bringing shock to your lawn.

When we aerate is just as important as where we aerate. It is vital that we aerate the areas of your lawn where the soil is heavily compacted. These are areas where children play or there is heavy traffic. Aerating the soil will remedy these areas and bring new life to your lawn.

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